A colloborative effort to reach out
to the poor and homeless.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

  • Mobilizing the Christian communities in America to unite in outreach to the poor and homeless, providing pathways to independence, in community based, long term, comprehensive, and professional outreaches, using evidence based outcomes approaches.

In John 17:20-23, Jesus prayed for oneness in the church as evidence that Jesus was truly sent by the Father. We have seen clearly, through this word and experience, that there is a connection between unified Christian fellowship & service and effectiveness in outreach. Thus, Kingdom Pathways seeks to bind all denominations together in reaching the poor, and praying for lasting change in their lives, and in the communities surrounding the outreaches.

It was observed that thousands of homeless persons float around "the system" of short term options for the homeless every night, and never escape homelessness. Moreover, it was observed that most homeless persons would love to see themselves in their own house, their own car, and working steadily in a career.

Kingdom Pathways has labored for years in developing a model to help a homeless person achieve the goals listed above. After years of research, and hands on 24/7 experience with the homeless, Kingdom Pathways has developed a long term, community based, comprehensive, professional, and Christian model, using evidence based outcomes approaches, to bring homeless people to independence!

Kingdom Pathways provides a community based approach, with people from the community assisting homeless clients in many competency areas, to help them on their way to independence. Each of the following competency areas are addressed in each homeless client's Individual Program Plan (IPP):

  1. Chemical Dependency
  2. Mental Health (anxiety, depression, et cetera)
  3. Attention to Medical and Dental Health
  4. Structured Living and Basic Life Skills
  5. Money Management
  6. Anger Management
  7. Relationship Skills
  8. Sexual abstinence outside of marriage
  9. Socialization
  10. Healthy Support Network Development
  11. Crime Freedom
  12. Work Ethic
  13. Community Service
  14. Job Skills (hard and soft skills)
  15. Job Placement Skills (applications, resumes, interviews)
  16. Cleanliness and Personal Hygiene

It is our belief that when the Christian community unites in real-life, systematic, and continuous outreach to the poor and homeless, lasting change can happen, both in the clients lives, and in the entire community!

Imagine for a moment, if many local churches and people from local businesses and organizations bound together, 2 or 3 from each, again and again, over a 365 day year, what could come of the unity in the Christian community, and what could come of the fruitfulness that would result! Christians everywhere have always had unity as a desire, yet a project such as this, could be used as a catalyst to unite and see change, not only in the homeless person's life, but in the entire community involved!