A colloborative effort to reach out
to the poor and homeless.

Basic Provisions

3 community rooms with TV, each near dining spaces.

Each resident is provided a bed in fully furnished bedrooms.

A friend provided for on-one-one assistance and life skills mentorship.

3 meals a day provided in multiple dining areas. MN Certified Food Service Manager on-site.

Regular audits of food storage, preparation, and serving practices by MN Department of Health and Second Harvest.

2 vans used to provide occasional transportation as necessary.

Each resident gets a dresser, closet space, and large storage containers for storage.

Nurse is provided to meet with residents weekly on medical and medication needs.

6 full bathrooms for 14 residents, almost a 2:1 ratio.

Each resident has access to multiple resident phone lines.

Each resident is provided free laundry access in 2 locations.