A colloborative effort to reach out
to the poor and homeless.

Employment Assistance

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Kingdom Pathways is an Evangelical Center for Financial Accountability (ECFA) member

To some, ending homelessness excludes a true attempt at providing for resident independence, including transition into the workforce. Our staff and volunteers from the Christian community assist residents in getting the education and job preparation activities they need, as well as help applying for, providing a resume to, and interviewing for jobs. Residents have plans developed that are appropriate for their current state of chemical and mental health, and collaborate with many outside agencies in providing education and job preparation activities.

From point of entry till discharge, residents voluntarily agree to participate in Job Preparation as appropriate. Mental Health assessments are done at intake and periodically throughout the resident stay to properly adjust the individualized vocational and education program elements electronically in their detailed social services plan, Job Preparation section.

Our staff and social service coordinators meet weekly with residents to track progress toward goals in each area of their Plan of Action for Independence. The Employment Assistance program has 3 key program elements that are used by our social service coordinators for each resident:

  1. Basic Adult Education
  2. Vocational Rehab Services
  3. Job Placement

Basic Adult Education:

Ronald Hubbs Center for Life Long Learning A common need for the homeless residents we serve is the need for basic adult education. Many are in need of a GED. Others need reading, language, and other basic skills improvement before taking other skills classes. Others are ready to launch into taking basic and more advanced computer skills classes, Carpentry Preparation, Commercial Drivers License, Medical Records Clerk, Retail Customer Service, ServSafe Food Safety, and Boilers License classes.

All the above are made available and utilized extensively by our residents, through our partnership with Ronald Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning, directly across the street from our facilities. More information about what is available at the Ronald Hubbs Center is available at: http://hubbs.spps.org.

Vocational Rehab Services:

MN Department of Employment and Economic Development Kingdom Pathways is a vendor of the MN Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) Vocational Rehabilitation Services program, which specializes in assisting people with disabilities in job preparation and placement. Our social services coordinators continually look to plug residents as appropriate into the DEED Vocational Rehab Services program. The following link details the program, specifically tailored to helping disabled adults enter the workplace: http://www.positivelyminnesota.com/JobSeekers/People_with_Disabilities/.

A plethora of services are provided, including job coaching, bus pass assistance, work adjustment training, education assistance, job placement, and financial assistance as applicable.

Kingdom Pathways also provides Work Adjustment Training (WAT), through a contract with MN DEED Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Residents receive WAT in the areas of soft skills (basic skills needed to get and keep a job), cooking, maintenance, customer service, office skills, landscaping, and other areas. Our social service coordinators work with the MN DEED Vocational Rehab Services Job Coach to arrange such services.

Job Placement:

Our social services coordinators provide various sources for Job Placement. The social service coordinators themselves may be involved at times in job placement assistance, and the coordinators have other sources they use as well, including:

  1. Ronald Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning: Our residents connected into this center are tracked all the way through job placement.
  2. MN DEED Vocational Rehabilitation Services: Our residents connected into this program are provided job placement services through any of a number of vendors.

Additionally, our social service coordinators have relationships with various other organizations in the area for Vocational & Educational programming:

Union Gospel Mission
Union Gospel Mission

MN Department of Employment and Economic Development
MN Workforce Center

Twin City Rise
Twin City Rise

Life Track Resources
Life Track Resources