A colloborative effort to reach out
to the poor and homeless.

Mental Health

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Kingdom Pathways is an Evangelical Center for Financial Accountability (ECFA) member

Many who are homeless have identified mental health issues that need to be addressed. Rather than view such issues as permanently disqualifying people for independence, Kingdom Pathways has seen mental health symptoms subside. Kingdom Pathways views mental illness symptoms (anxiety, depression, anger, etc…) as something most all people experience in varying degrees. Through proper counseling, as well as our Christian care, Kingdom Pathways has seen clients progress successfully towards full job functionality and independence!

Our mental health program currently consists of one on one counseling, group counseling as necessary, and coordination with off-site psychiatrists. On-site Program staff, mental health staff, and CD counselors interact at various times and in meetings in intentional effort to track mental health symptoms and provide assistance as necessary. Psychiatric assessments available for tracking symptoms include:

  1. Patient Health Questionnaire (POH-9) for Depression assessment
  2. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD-7) for Anxiety assessment
  3. MoodCheck Questionnaire for Mood Management assessment
  4. Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ) for Emotional Management assessment
  5. Toxic Anger Quiz (TAQ) for Anger Management Assessment
  6. Aggressive Provocation Questionnaire (APQ) for Anger Management Assessment