A colloborative effort to reach out
to the poor and homeless.

Community Service

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Kingdom Pathways is an Evangelical Center for Financial Accountability (ECFA) member

We have found that most who are homeless desire to feel that they have value. Our community service program has resulted in a powerful opportunity to not only help the homeless feel valuable again, but provide a surprise to communities as they are served for free by those many previously looked down upon. What results is a true appreciation of the homeless by the community and desire to help the homeless in any way they can.

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Our residents are involved in community service to assist senior citizens in the area. This program has provided for tremendous relationships between seniors in the area and our residents.

Listen to video testimonies from seniors in the area, on how much they appreciate the help they have received!

Phone calls come in from Seniors to the Aurora St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation, and requests for free community service are faxed to our outreach housing facilities. Community service requests are then signed up for by residents, during the weekly resident meetings. Community service has included lawn mowing, leaf raking, house cleaning, painting, minor repairs, snow removal, trash removal, and more.